Siblinghood of the World Bloggers Award

I was nominated for the Siblinghood of the World Bloggers Award by the wonderful Prim from “Messing in my Imaginary World”.

Thank you so much Prim!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site
  • Put the award logo on your blog
  • Answer the ten questions sent to you
  • Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer
  • Nominate ten blogs

Prim’s Questions:

  • Why did you start blogging?
  • I wanted to discuss books with other people.
  • Your favorite book series?
  • Harry Potter always! *wink*
  • What do you do when you’re sad?
  • I guess I just think a bit about it, drop it and watch a movie or something.
  • One thing that you cannot live without?
  • I’m sorry, I really can’t think of anything right now…
  • Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger or Harry Potter/Hermione Granger?
  • Uggggghh whyyyy? If I really had to choose, well, Harry.
  • What you do when you get bored?
  • Read or go to tumblr.
  • Your dream job?
  • Writer.
  • Favorite book-boyfriend?
  • Jace Herondale!
  • Favourite color?
  • Grey.
  • When do you read books?
  • Always (I’m not kidding).

My Questions:

  • What’s the first book that popped into your mind right now?
  • Do you have a typical food/drink you have while reading?
  • If yes: which?
  • If you could live in any book world which one would you choose?
  • What was the last book you gave 5/5 stars rating?
  • Describe the book you’re currently reading in one word.
  • What makes you “DNF” a book?
  • If you were to reccommend me a book which would it be?
  • Do you prefer to read in silence or with music?
  • What’s the place you most want to visit in the whole world?

My Nominees:

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