Ramble #18: I sound like a weirdo

Today in class I was complaining to my lab partner about how when my maid cleans up my room everything feels out of place afterwards.

-Specially my books!! – I said – It took me so long to color organize all the stand alones… And now they are all messed up AND!!!!!!!!!! SHE PUT THE BOOK I’M CURRENLTY READING ON THE HIGHTEST SHELF! I literally had to grab a chair to reach it and be able to go on with my reading!

And then I saw the look on his face.

-Hummm.. You organize your books by colors? – he asked.

-Well, yeah, I mean… Humm we… In the book community it’s a normal thing, I mean, lots of people do it, you know? Humm… – and then I just changed the subject while simutaneously thought about how crazy I must sound when rambling about books to non-bookish people…

Have you ever been in some kind of weird situation like this on? Feel free to share it in the comments section below!

12 thoughts on “Ramble #18: I sound like a weirdo

  1. Vivi says:

    Ha ha ha You realy organize your books by colors, huh? Even if I haven’t experience same situation like yours so far, I do organize my books by colors. And I don’t have so many as you are, you know! Nerd or weirdo, I like everything to be in their correct place, so who cares! My only problem is when ppl find it strange that I read books and not watch tv instead. That’s weird! lol

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  2. Alex Ramsey says:

    It’s so embarrassing when that happens. Organising books by colours is fun, but I’ve never tried it as I own very few books and arranging by colours makes no difference.

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