Tis The Season Book Tag

I was tagged to do the Tis The Season Book Tag by the lovely Rachel at “One Little Bookshelf”.

Thank you so much Rachel!

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  • Thank the blogger who tagged you, linking back to their site
  • Answer the seven points
  • Tag more bloggers to do this tag

My Answers:

  • Do you have a favourite Winter read?

I’m aware this might sound weird but  I started this series last Winter and now I keep relating it to Winter time… So: Percy Jackson!


  • Find a book with blue on the cover

I tried to keep it Winter-y… (Plus I got late for a ballet rehearsal two Winters ago just to finish this baby…)


  • Find a book you would use as the star on a Christmas tree

Just because it’s so bright and golden and pretty!


  • Pick one fictional place that would be perfect for a Winter vacation

Alicante, Winter there must be so great, I can imagine the lights reflecting on the towers and Christma’s decoration, and oh my!


  • Pick one fictional character you would take on your Winter vacation

George Weasley… We would have so much fun and I’d get to meet the whole Weasley family!!! (I’d be very supportive btw!)


  • Name one book on your wish list this year

Hummm… There are a lot but the one series I want to get my hands on the most right now (probably because of all the fuss there’s been due to the cover change and its meaning) is The Winner’s Trilogy.


  • Favourite holidays drink, treat and movie?

Drink: Tea
Treat: Chocolate anything (I’m not picky)
Movie: How the Grinch stole Christmas

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