Ramble #27: Procastinating

Just updated my “About Me” page and I’m feeling very self-concious right now…. Oh my….

So, there are new pictures (yes, plural) and a bit more of description in the text. I decided to do this because, first of all, that picture was old and second of all because every time one of you chooses me for a blog spotlight you never have much to say about me, which lead me to realize I didn’t say all that much about myself and I felt like changing that. With this being said, if you feel curious please check it out and tell me what you think 🙂

(As you may have noticed I’m rambing a lot today and that’s because I need to procastinate a little, studying is boring… I even cleaned my room today! That’s how bored I was! Thankfully finals are over in two weeeeeks 😀 )

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