Dear all,

Life’s been crazy around here. Ever since summer started I haven’t stopped for a bit (my friends would have killed me by now if they could even land their eyes on me by more than a second! 🙈). This resulted in me not having time for thinking about how I want to restructure the blog like I had promised I would. My apologies for that.

But I am back. Life is still crazy, my reading rhythm has slowed down significantly but this is a project I care about and that I want to keep working on. I won’t make promises about consistency or frequency at this point because, honestly, I’m still not sure how I want this to evolve. All I know is I want to make it more “me” and more creative while still heavily connected to books and reading and fandoms and all those things that make our heads spin. This “crazy” period of life I’m still going through has been helping me form some general ideas I would like to implement. Let’s see how it goes, shall we? 🙂

All I ask you is to be patient, like you’ve always been so far, this is process for me too and no matter how long and bumpy it might be I’m sure it will end with good results!

Lastly, a million times thank you for sticking around! 😘💕

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