Ramble #37: Hey YouTube, waddup? 😎

Books and Messy Buns has had a YouTube channel for a while now, because I need it to upload the videos I put here. Today I decided to clean it up a bit, give it an intro and organize the content already there.

To do the intro I used the text I have in the “About Me” page of this blog and gave it life. Check it out and let me know if you like the end result as much as I did! 😉

YouTube Channel: https://tinyurl.com/ybrereao

Intro Video: 

Ramble #36: “I’m Back” number 12803

So….. I’m back. Again. And with a 25 minutes long video to make up for it. 😇

Some things you will find in this video:

  • an apology
  • a hair update
  • reviews of over 20 books
  • the word “interesting” over 300 times
  • some variation of the phrase “have been wanting to read this for forever” over 120 times

Everything else is in the video. 💕

Ramble #34: Airport Bookstores

If I did a bookhaul this month… actually… if I did a bookhaul these last 2 months I would be telling you how I got all my books at an airport bookstore. Frankfurt airport’s coolest bookstore (yes, there are several) to be exact.

The first time I was on my way to Tallinn and had a 5 hour layover there. I wandered through the airport, entered a few bookstores (most of them with big German sections) and eventually got to one which was half an English section half a German section. “Well, this is new!” I thought. Here in Portugal I also only have one-shelf-English-section bookstores! So, of course, I spent the next hour and a half within those four walls…

You cannot imagine my happiness when I came face to face with books such as “It Ends With Us” and “Honey and Milk”. I just grabbed them all! By the time I was finished looking through every book I had stacked 7 books to bring home with me. OBVIOUSLY that didn’t happen! Firstly because money, secondly because airplane rules. My luggage was already exceeding the weigh limit, to add 7 books to it was nuts! So I had to spend more half an hour reading through synopsis and reviews and going to other picky selection criteria in order to get down to 3 books. I did.


Then another trip came, with another layover at Frankfurt. This time I only had 2 hours but I already knew exactly where to go! Again, after stacking more books then I should and having to select only some of them, I came home with some more awesome books.


But why am I telling you this? No, it’s not to make you jealous of the super cool bookstore I found (although it could be 😉 ). It’s to talk a bit about unlikelihood. I never thought I would find the best bookshop I’ve entered so far in my life in a German airport (or any airport at all for that matter!). But I did.

So what I took out of this and wanted to share with you guys is: the weirdest places can turn out to be your favorites. So, no matter how unlikely it may seem to you that the place you’re in might be of any interest to you, look around, keep an eye open. You might just end up surprised and wishing you could stay there longer! 😉

Ramble #32: Changes

Hey-hey guys 🙂

A lot has been going on in my life during the past few months. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I want to really spend my time, how to balance the things in my life that are important to me and some other stuff too. That also got me thinking about the blog, since I spend so much time and energy here and I realized that I needed to rethink and rebalance quality and quantity in my posts again.

All in all, the “big” changes will be that I won’t be posting the weekly memes well… weekly… But I’ll figure out other way to incorporate their content in this blog in a more interesting and creative way, I hope. I’m still not sure about some other aspects but I’ll announce any other upcoming changes so stay tuned! 😉

What I can say will stay the same for sure are the reviews, the rambles (I couldn’t survive without them!), the TBRs and the wrap ups.

Ramble #31: Vote vote vote

I’m letting you guys pick what the next post on my “Top 5” Series is gonna be so let’s get this voting started!

I’ll be counting the votes on the 9th of April at 23:59, so next Saturday and publish the “Top 5” post during the following week. So all that’s left to say is “vote vote vote” (if you’re interested) 😉

Ramble #30: I live in Hogwarts

Yes, I do I do I do. And if I caught you’re attention then keep on reading:

If you’ve been on my blog for a while (or if you stalked it enough since you’re been here) then you know I’m a Portuguese girl currently living in the city of Porto, in the north of Portugal. Now if you google a bit about J. K. Rowling’s life you’ll easily find out that she lived in Porto too for a while (she even married a Portuguese man and had a daughter here). Want to know what else Jo did here? She started writing The Harry Potter Saga.

Now I’ve known this for a few years but only in the past year did I start noticing some similarities between my city and its costumes and the Harry Potter world. I’m more in love with Porto as time passes by and the girl that wanted to get away is starting to thing she doesn’t want to let go… But on to what you actually want to read about! Here is a list of the things I found in Porto that make it the original Hogwarts in my mind:

Hogwarts Uniforms

hogwarts uniforms

Here in Portugal we have a tradition in college called “Praxe”. It’s not compulsory but a lot of students like to join in. It’s supposed to be a way of integrating the first year students (although some people take it a bit too far sometimes, but hey… Slytherins…(I’m just kidding, peace guys peace)). For that tradition students use a uniform almost on a daily basis (it’s our academic uniform so to speak, “traje académico” in portuguese). Take a look and see if it seems familiar!


porto uniform2.jpg

Hogwarts Grand Staircase

hogwarts staircase.jpg

One of the main tourist attractions in Porto is our oldest and most beautiful bookstores. You better believe I would bet all my books on how Jo went there! Take a look at Lello Bookstore’s staircase and draw your own conclusions:

porto staircase.jpg

Hogwarts Houses

hogwarts houses

Hogwarts has colors depending on the house of the student, in Porto we have colors depending on the degree’s subject of the student. We use them in stripes attached to our uniform bags. Mine is a brownish-red, because I’m in Engineering. The student in this picture must be in International Relatioships:

porto houses

The next points are a lot more subtle but I added them to the list anyway…

Gryffindor’s Lion

gryffindor lion.gif

In front of Porto’s University Main Building (where the college director works) you can find an important fountain where students spend a lot of time around chatting and laughing. It’s also were some of  the “Praxe” ceremonies happen. Supposedly there’s a statue similar to this in front of Dumbledore’s office.

porto lion.JPG

Slytherin’s Salazar

slytherin salazar

I’ve recently also heard a theory that Salazar Slytherin’s character was inspired by the 50’s portuguese dictator António de Oliveira Salazar.

porto salazar.jpg

What are your thoughts on all of this? Share them in the comments, I’m really curious to hear what you guys think of it!