Advertise Policy

If you’re an author or publisher and would like to advertise one of your books on this blog please email me at after reading this policy.

By chosing to advertise on this blog you are consenting to all the following conditions:

  • The ad will be placed in the “Book Spotlight” section of this blog’s sidebar (to go up with the next advertise, for more info contact me)
  • The ad will be inserted by me, after you provide me the picture, video, gif or excerpt text you want to advertise
  • I can design the ad for you if you ask me to do so, but I charge extra for that
  • The minimum time period for an ad is a week and the maximum is a month
  • I do not guarantee that an ad will sells books
  • Payments will be done through PayPal
  • To get more info on the prices for each type of ad please contact me at
  • I can provide you a few stats and author’s testimonials before we agree on a colaboration if you ask me to

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